So what's with this whole mid-tempo, bass heavy, hip-hop influenced movement labeled as twerk?  Not so much as in...what's with the name, because that's probably an endless and potentially pointless debate.  And sure it's become a huge deal on the electronic music scene in 2013.  We've had a number of breakout acts hit the scene like TWRK, Caked Up, and LOUDPVCK.  We've seen bigger-name trap acts like Baauer, RL Grime, Flosstradamus, and ETC!ETC! incorporate these sounds into their sets as well as their original productions.  Like it or not, it's essentially been the biggest new deal on these EDM streets.  But where does it go from here?  Currently, it seems like things are overloaded with rage inducing bootlegs and edits of nothing but nostalgic tunes (note: this happens with every new genre that catches fire...for better or worse).  Fact is...It just can't continue at this pace with a one dimensional sound and expect to be as relevant this time next year.   Leave it up to the dudes in Broadway Slim to give us something special to premiere to open this discussion on what could be possible now and in the future.

Right off the bat on "With You," Pickster and Riot Earp hit us with some serious R&B vibes and they continue throughout.  The 808 percussion is very carefully placed and layered.  The synths sound like something Ryan Leslie would co-sign and Miguel would be tempted to jump on in an impulse studio session.  The vocals themselves, featuring a stellar contribution from Michelle Wylen, are extremely airy and sexy.  Generally speaking, this track is just way more specifically geared towards turning down instead of the ulterior motive.  That ideal may be new to some but I guarantee it will be welcomed by even more.  And this is also the exact same type of "twerk" tune that can take this scene and punch a hole in the mainstream.