Whether he's delivering straight up bars or growling into a twisted morass of AutoTune as he does here, Chicago rapper/producer Tree has the kind of fantastically gnarly voice that's a powerful as a symphony's worth of instruments. "I know that you've been afraid/I know that you're sick and worried," he murmurs on the hook, before countering that he's going to make you proud and make you smile more.

That hook, combined with the sprightly beat, makes Brian Fresco's tightly delivered narrative of getting by and getting famous crackle with energy. This song is another strong entry in the Save Money spitter's repertoire, and a solid argument that Fresco may be part of the next wave of talent from Chicago to make an impact among a broader audience ("on that Google and Complex/Even Barber'll tell you I'm up next," he raps, alluding to Chicago blogger and tastemaker Andrew Barber and, of course, this publication).

Shout outs aside, though, this song sounds incredible. Check it out below:

[via FSD]

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