New York based composer and songwriter Nico Muhly, who co-wrote Usher's "Climax," has written a review for Beyoncé's new album for The Talkhouse. Muhly gave the album lavish praise, saying, "I am going to spend, I am sure, the rest of my life listening to six or seven of these tracks a few times a year."

He started by commenting on the album's cohesiveness, saying that each song brought him further along a "time-traveling woman's journey." Muhly added that between the various videos and songs on the album, the entire album came together perfectly. He then offered a song-by-song breakdown of the entire album. He was ecstatic that Jay Z made a reference to Trina in his verse for "Drunk In Love," saying, "DID JAY Z JUST SHOUT OUT TRINA TALMBOUT, THE BADDEST BITCH!? I really hope so. I don’t like that people have forgotten about Trina."

In his conclusion, Muhly analyzed the rollout for Beyoncé's album, arguing that had she put it out in a more traditional manner, people would have been distracted by the roll out to adequately enjoy the entire package. "By releasing it in the middle of the night, it feels unexpected and magical."

Read the full review here.

[via The Talkhouse]

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