Album: Still Goin In: Reloaded
Label: T.I.G. Entertainment, Def Jam Recordings
Producer: Yung Carter

Much in the way that Robin Thicke stole Justin Timberlake's blue-eyed-soul swag and danced across the Billboard charts with it all summer, Rich Homie Quan's "Type of Way" was the hit Future needed but couldn't quite locate. (Quan wasn't the only one to swipe and improve upon Future's funk—Que's "Bobby Johnson" is everything "Sh!t" hoped to be). 

Striding above his other, less successful anthems ("Differences" and "Party"), "Type of Way" was the kind of hit that at the very least made Quan a real contender. Transforming the concept of ambiguity into a boast, the song was as conceptually clever as Meek Mill's "Levels," but was easily the more distinctive composition. Quan might have been rocking someone else's look, but he used a percussive delivery and novel flow, along with that familiar electroshock-to-the-vocal-cords holler, to carve one of the year's most memorable anthems into the collective consciousness. —David Drake