Album: Young Rich Niggas
Label: CTE World, Def Jam
Producer: Zaytoven

In a post-Memorial Day period devoid of any real rap anthems, Atlanta trio Migos formed an unlikely partnership with Drake for a remix of their quirky ode to high fashion, "Versace." The addition of the Toronto rapper took the song from the underground to the world stage, ingraining every facet of the culture with its infectious hook, from Facebook statuses to Twitter memes.

Drake stepped in and stole the show, appropriating the song's flow for a verse that breaks the fourth wall of stunting—predicting (inaccurately, as it turns out) that his then-upcoming Nothing Was the Same album would break a million in first-week sales and boasting that his backyard looks like Metropolis.

This isn't to sell short the contributions of the Migos guys themselves. They invented the flow, after all—as well as all those ad-libs that had partygoers reciting along all summer. ("Damn, I look good!")  —Justin Davis