Album: Coup d'etat 
Label: YG Entertainment
Producer: G-Dragon, Missy Elliott & Teddy Park

Korean pop superstar G-Dragon (the subject of a Complex digital cover story back in August) has the power to do whatever he wants, so it was nice to see him bring Missy Elliott out of unofficial retirement this past summer when they debuted this culture-clashing collaboration to thousands of screaming fans at an L.A. sports arena.

Produced by longtime collaborator (and former member of 1TYM) Teddy Park, the beat is pure Timbaland-in-his-prime surrealism, flipping a traditional Korean folk song into a piece of booming club music. "I know on the other side of the world, they're always dying to hear something ethnic," Teddy told Complex. "Like M.I.A., or even what Timbaland did with Egyptian music and Indian music. I got those for days."

With a few electro and 808 flourishes thrown in the mix, "Niliria" manages to sound more like an updated version of Timbaland than anything on Magna Carta Holy Grail. Maybe Missy should consider signing with YG Entertainment for that comeback album. —Brendan Frederick

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