Notable Release(s): The M Machine Metropolis, Pt. II, David Heartbreak The Foundation, Alesia Andrea

OWSLA, the label that houses everyone from Skrillex to David Heartbreak, had a phenomenal 2013. For the amount of flack Skrillex received back when he was helping change the face of the American dance music scene, he sure runs an imprint that has a nose for quality, diverse talent. We were introduced to stellar releases from Phonat, Phuture Doom, Alesia, Teddy Killerz, The M Machine, Blood Diamonds, Alex Metric, Kill Paris, Nick Thayer, What So Not... the list truly goes on. Some of the most impressive talents in their respective fields, and that's not even to mention massive releases like Dog Blood's Middle Finger, Part 2 EP, or releases from I Am Legion, TC, Crookers, and Seven Lions> For those that wrote Skrillex off years ago, he spent 2013 reaffirming how vital he is to our scene, and one of the biggest parts of that is creating a haven for producers to prosper in.