Notable Release(s): Antiserum & Mayehm - "Bangladesh," MUST DIE! Caffeine, Shell Shock, Vol. 1

Datsik's Firepower imprint celebrated its first anniversary in 2013, a year filled with destructive bass-fueled fury in the form of releases from many of today's finest in dubstep, drumstep, trap, and other sounds. Many might feel that those scenes don't have much to offer, but they'd be playing themselves. Just one look at their consistent release schedule in 2013 shows the power that these scenes have. Netting solid releases from current favorites like MUST DIE! and Terravita isn't enough; Firepower makes sure that they nurture the future of the scene by helping build their brand with the future of the bass scene in Getter, Protohype, AFK, and many others. We have a feeling their second year anniversary will be bigger than the first.