Notable Release(s): Breach - "Jack," Infinity Ink Infinity, Danny Avila - "Breaking Your Fall"

It's always funny to hear people complain about major labels not "getting" EDM when we're living in times where Big Beat, a subsidiary of Atlantic, is releasing fresh music. Releases under their umbrella in 2013 include Flux Pavilion's Blow The Roof EP, the re-release of Breach's "Jack" (alongside dirtybird), Rudimental's "Free," Arty's "Together We Are," the Infinity Ink EP, Martin Solveig's "Hey Now," and many, many more. Sure, they get to release a lot of these because the acts are signed to major in some form, but still, Big Beat's picking some future stars to be aligned with. It feels similar to the moves Astralwerks made in the 1990s, but with acts that are going to be the mega EDM superstars of today (and tomorrow).