Highlights: Jumping feet first into the non-dubstep world, that All Gone Pete Tong mix CD, his "Disco Set For Judie"

Skream's pedigree in the dubstep scene is well-known. Over the years, he's been slowly moving from dubstep into the overall bass music scene into more of a house thing, and while many of his fans saw the writing on the wall, one of the bigger stories of 2013 was when he officially announced that he wasn't going to be spinning dubstep out for a bit, to focus on house and disco. It'd be easy to say "hey, this is bullshit and he's going to fail" if he wasn't so good at what he does. Why else would Pete Tong call on Skream to help mix part of his All Gone Pete Tong Miami 2013 compilation? Skream's on it, and has the chops to prove it, from the disco-tinged, Daft Punk-influenced "Rollercoaster" or his well-received "Disco Set For Judie" from back in May. Just find a Skream set on the Boiler Room (well, one that isn't the infamous set from SXSW 2013) and you'll see why we're always captivated by Skream whenever he hits the decks.