Highlights: Bringing back Duck Sauce, Fool's Gold, ADIDAS, being the shit

A-Trak's one of the more important figures within the EDM scene for the simple fact that, while you might not always hear about what he's doing, he's always there. Before bringing in Nick Catchdubs for the Fool's Gold Radio show on SiriusXM, A-Trak was holding that down on his own. He dropped a number of solid remixes for Phoenix, Kavinsky, and Jack Beats, and made good on the rumors about Duck Sauce returning. His supergroup with Armand van Helden netted two well-received singles in 2013, and their QUACK album is on the way. A-Trak is also a touring DJ who has played at a plethora of the biggest festivals in 2013, as well as representing for the Fool's Gold crew during their numerous one-offs and special stages during the year. Add onto that the work he's done with ADIDAS, and being the man behind the Infinite Legroom travel blog and we wonder how he's got the time.