Over the summer, people got really aggy over our selections for the best DJs of 2013 at that time. The main point of contention had to do with the fact that they assumed it was skills over everything. If that's what made a DJ "the best" in 2013, we'd see a total shift of who's truly on the forefront. In times where the CEO of Beatport admits to not even caring how the music is played, just that what's coming through the speakers pleases him, that makes our jobs harder. Are we strictly looking at skills, or doing what we've always done on DAD and considering the sum of each selector's parts? Matching two beats is easy, yet vital, but isn't what makes a DJ "the best." We're looking at the movements these artists have made in the year: do they run a record label? Are they making moves outside of the EDM scene? Did they have a particularly prolific year in a number of different lanes? The onus is on DAD to gather all of that, and take a hard look at who truly stood heads above the rest in their respective fields. At times it isn't pretty, but if you're a realist, you can't deny it. Here are the best of 2013.