Fingers crossed that this is a legit remix that will get a release on PMRD at some point. I say that because I like the idea of Avicii, one of the true posterchildren for mainstream dance music, putting out such a turnt/plurnt remix of one of his singles. It should happen; Diplo did get Avicii to spread his wings on Diplo & Friends earlier this year, so it makes sense to give Diplo (and Ookay) an official remix. Especially when it's such a hypnotic trap rework like we have here. Avicii's "You Make Me" was well-received, but we know the true twerkers weren't getting down to it like that. Thank Diplo and Ookay for this. We'll keep you posted on when it could/would/should be out.

UPDATE We see that this remix is finally available for purchase, but Ookay's name is mysteriously absent?