It appears as though André 3000 is slowly breaking out of his private shell as the veteran rapper from Atlanta has popped up for a quick photo op with two different rappers in two consecutive weeks. First it was his OutKast partner Big Boi. They were posted up in a parking lot, with Three Stacks striking an entertaining pose for the camera. The Instagram photo fed fire to the rumors that André and Big Boi were linking up in the studio for the first time since they went on hiatus in 2007.

André has now been spotted with fellow Atlanta rapper Future. The picture was posted on Future's Instagram, and once again André 3000 is keeping things interesting by throwing up the peace sign and smiling like a kid who just found out he was going to Disneyland for his birthday. As Future told Complex TV recently, his blood line with André and the Dungeon Family runs deep. The Auto-Tune crooner is the cousin of Rico Wade, a producer that shaped the Dungeon Family sound with his group Organized Noize. Future says he would sit in on recording sessions with OutKast when he was just a kid. This connection is a reunion of sorts for them. Hopefully some music comes out of it as well.

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