The time for still considering 17-year-old Washington, DC-suburbs resident Alex Young as "your favorite kid producer" should officially be declared over and done with his magical recreation of top-40 "it song" du jour "Sweater Weather" by The Neighbourhood into "SWTRWTHR." In a manner similar to, yet entirely different than DC-native Alvin Risk's remix of fun.'s "We Are Young" in 2012, Young takes a song that has a big connection with the average pop listener and gives it enormous potential in the EDM realm. Adding a ponderous quality to the production as well as some magical chord progressions and a trap breakdown more in tune with dancing on clouds than hustling on street corners makes it special. This tune arguably has potential to be the "it song" cued up by your favorite DJ on New Year's Eve to coast out of peak hour melodrama and blast deep into 2014.