Alesia are a duo from Paris, France that have our full attention. And while look to hate the idea of genres, we're pretty amazed at how their ability to combine sounds and influences translates. Released on OWSLA, their Andrea EP starts with an epic intro that lacks drums completely, moves into the title track (which you heard a couple of weeks ago if you've been paying attention), then blows your mind. It's all got techno roots, but you hear dubstep breaks done differently, as well as booty bass elements in "Jezabel."

With artists like Etnik, Phuture Doom, and What So Not finishing up 2013 for OWSLA, we're absolutely positive that this label is going to head the change in popular dance music. Andrea simply adds to their ridiculous catalog, and does so without jumping at the trendy movements in bass music. Give it a listen and snag it up.