2013's been an interesting year for moombahton. The demise of Sazon Booya felt like a black eye at the time, and with people asking if moombahton was dead, we played devil's advocate, with some people getting confused. With sites like ours (and a number of our peers) constantly pushing the moombah sound, anyone who regularly follows should know that moombahton being dead is certainly not the case, but we decided to run down the acts who are keeping the genre alive anyways. One crew that didn't make that list is 2 Deep, the LA duo behind the Muevelo movement (if you missed it, Muevelo 3.0 dropped back in October). They also remixed Major Lazer's "Watch Out For This (Bumaye)" alongside Ape Drums, and moombahton pioneer Dave Nada told us that Muevelo LA is helping shape moombahton. Seems like the logical choice to have provide us a mix of 2013's best moombahton, right? In 50 minutes, we get a whirlwind of one of the most intriguing (and downright sexy) genres in dance music, with a number of scene staples featured in their mix (including Happy Colors, Munchi, ETC!ETC!, Jay Fay, and many more). There's even a few cuts featuring DAD's own Ma-less in here. DAD salutes 2 Deep for everything they've done, and everything they're planning on doing. Here's their look back at the moombah sound in 2013.

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Charly Black & J Capri - Wine & Kotch (Shaun-D Bootyleg)
Cham ft.O - Bend Down (Ackeejuice Rockers Remix)
Ricky Vaughn & Paul Lee - Original Kings
Hoodie - Panas x Suerte
GTA - Yolohton (Moombahton Break)
GTA - Alerta
Jay Fay - Dibby Dibby Sound
Angger Dimas x Diplo Ft. Travis Porter - Booty Bounce
Nelly x GTA - Boy Oh Boy (eSenTRiK Edit)
2Deep & Corrupted Data - Twerk It Out
Munchi - El Desaparecido
Comrade - Para No Xao
Cabo Blanco & Comrade - Ai Mulher
Hoodie & Corrupted Data - Djoek Anthem
Ricky Vaughn & Kid Cedek - La Vida Es Duro Ft Bebo
Dos Lobos - Syntax (Remix)
Ricky Vaughn - Mal De Ojo
Orlande Guerreiro - La Novela
DJ Blass & DJ Cuervo - Drumology (Moombahton Edit)
Uproot Andy Ft. Pablo Piddy - Worldwide Dembow
Sazon Booya - Major Booyahton
Munchi - Suelta
Bigmakk x 2Deep x Ma-Less - Machucando
NoiseTwins - Solta Essa Porra
Locomotive & Happy Colors - Vamo A Darle Duro
DJ Woogie - Baila
Nadastrom x Gent & Jawns - Snake Juice
ASAP Ferg x MADD OD - Shabba Ranks (Moombahton Edit)
Morrison - Trap-a-ton
Bro Safari x Munchi - Sin Compromiso (Munchi's Fuck Bitch Promoters VIP)
Noizekid - La Cripta
Major Lazer x Bro Safari x ETC!ETC! - EL Metal ft. Kafu Banton
Beenie Man & Sean Paul - Greatest Gallis (ETC! ETC! Remix)
Flexican x FS Green x Major Lazer - Watch Out For This (2Deep & Ape Drums Remix)
Valentino Khan x ETC! ETC! - Eat It
Mr. Vega & OMF - Push Pit
Rajeev Gualtiero - Hot Body Women (Moombahton)
Minimax & DJ EJ x Ma-Less - Caliente

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