Early today, we featured Woz and Joel Compass' "Early Morning Champagne," which maintains that chilled bounce that those of us at DAD are constantly searching for... hence the reason we fuck with Black Butter so heavily. No sooner do our world's become enraptured with that sound than we get hit with a Komon remix of "Early Morning Champagne," which found a way to take that bounce into a deeper realm. Komon, who you probably know as Komonazmuk, or in his previous drum & bass incarnation as Ice Minus, put such a dark sheen on this. We're still riding the mighty UK house wave (which has been a huge part of our 2013 dance music diet), and cuts like this are (should be?) representative of where the house heads in America go. Both bits can be found on the Early Morning Champagne EP, which Black Butter is releasing on December 1. Pre-order today.

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