Still crazy after all these days. Perhaps you were thinking things couldn't get any weirder than last week, that the strangeness would naturally wane. In case you missed anything (because you have an interesting life of your own or something) the rap-and-pop world didn't disappoint. Take Chief Keef, who will hopefully have a number of reflective, Auto-croon masterpieces written in his head after going through his state-ordered punishment of shoveling horse manure. Or maybe he'll just make a sequel to "Now It's Over."

If the image of Keef in waders and a nose-plug isn't enough, Rick Ross appointed some new MMG signees (none of which were Hervis or Clevis), Lady Gaga announced the news that she would be performing in space, and the Wu-Tang Clan heartily welcomed New York's new mayor-elect. Oh, and Eminem's album came out and a bunch of people bought it.

Honestly, though, What the Hell Just Happened in Music This Week?

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