Nobody does real talk like Reggie Ossé a.k.a. Combat Jack. The former rap industry attorney, media executive, author, and Internet radio talk-show personality now hosts The Combat Jack Show, where hip-hop's biggest names are put on the front line. The questions will be tough—and shots will be fired. Co-hosted by Dallas Penn, Premium Pete, and Just Blaze, The Combat Jack Show appears every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday on Complex TV. 

In this episode of the Combat Jack Show, we spotlight one of our favorite guests from season one, Waka Flocka Flame. The 27-year-old rapper is a riot on and off the stage. And no matter what the topic is, he's going to give an honest response.

Combat Jack asks Waka about the first time he performed in Brooklyn, which he says he was initially nervous about. The Atlanta-based rapper was scheduled to perform at B.B. King's, where just a few years prior his labelmate OJ Da Juiceman was ceremoniously booed offstage. Waka was worried his night would meet that same fate, and he says he even attempted to cancel the show. However, to the surprise of Waka, he was embraced by the NY crowd.

Later on Waka Flocka shares his thoughts on success and the money, or lack thereof, that comes and quickly goes. "I feel like life is a gamble," he says. "You can't even cherish money." He describes his motivation to continue getting paper, whether that be rapping, becoming a booking agent or evening opening up a liquor store. Watch the full clip above, where Waka talks about making music for white people to enjoy. He also plays a word association game. Find out what he thinks about when Nicki Minaj, Gucci Mane and Miley Cyrus come to mind.

If you enjoyed this episode, watch Waka Flocka Flame talk about Atlanta's diverse scene in "The Neighborhood."




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