There are still people that don't realize that Daniel Disaster is moving beyond trap music.  Or that he's playing some of the most diverse DJ sets of any touring DJ.  Or that he's got his hands in designing clothing for Fresh.I.Am and Adidas.  Or that he's set on building an artistic community.  Or that he's one half of VAVLT BOYZ with BLKKMORRIS.  Or that they've been working together in Atlanta for years.  People still pin him as the "trap ambassador" and the face of Heroes x Villains, and they're selling him short.

This mix for THUMP is a collaborative release with Overthrow and Lil Death, and we're laughing at the description.  It's called "more than luxury trap." But it's a techno mix, and has nothing to do with trap at all.  They actually talk about having to Google the duo they were premiering, too, which is just comedy.  One would think that the site that "cherry-picked" someone for a mix might actually know why the act is important, but what do I know?

In any case, Lil Death and Overthrow have been in bed with both BLKKMORRIS and Heroes x Villains for years, and it's lovely to see this artistic collaboration continue. It's also equally amazing to see how the tastes of Atlanta's premiere tastemakers are changing.  This mix is turbo, and the track selection is absolutely nuts.  The drop into Thugli's remix of Drake's "Worst Behavior" is the moment, in my opinion.  Ride out.


Parallel Jalebi - Four Tet
Night Talk - Saturated Ft. Louisahhh
0809 - Sinden
Control Movement - Gesaffelstein
Warehouse - Surkin
Hot Spot - Bobmo
Worst Behavior (Thugli Remix) - Drake
Viol (Brodinski Remix) - Gesaffelstein
Presents (feat Para One) - CanBlaster
Jack - Breach
One Two (1-2) - Sinden & Brenmar
Bump - K-Lagane
Lets Get Hot (Dub) - Breach
Riddle - Manarè
I Think About U - CanBlaster
The Line - Maelstrom
Prometheus - Alan Fitzpatrick
PBLC - Monoloc
It's Mine - Monoloc & Daniel WildeI
Chained To a Dead Camel - Clouds
Dummy - Dusky
Stereotype (Thomas Krome Remix) - Brian Sanhaji
Pursuit - Gesaffelstein
Flood - Heroes x Villains