Age: 21
Recent Project: 1017 Thug

The name "Young Thug" isn't particularly memorable or original. In fact, it's kind of the opposite of those things. But the man behind the name is much more critical to the evolution of Atlanta trap rap than you think. Bubbling in Atlanta's underground, Thug has grown from a mere anomaly in Gucci's 1017 Brick Squad camp to one of the most experimental and surprisingly entertaining rappers out right now. Taking a page from Lil' Wayne's 2007-2008 experimental stage, Young Thug has turned himself a human science kit filled with lean and weed, but his favorite addiction is Auto-Tune.

He uses Auto-Tune on many of the standout songs from his 1017 Thug mixtape. But he brings the robot-voice to life, mixing irreverent lyricism with an emotive, comedic flow. Unfortunately, he may be a little too out there—which is why he's underrated at the moment. But it says here that Young Thug is destined to be a star, the people just have to catch up to his vision for rap. —Justin Davis

If You Don't Believe Us Listen To: "2 Cups Stuffed"