Age: 18
Recent Project: Nostalgic 64

Denzel Curry exists at the intersection of Internet culture and the real world that helped to birth "cloud rap," Clams Casino, Raider Klan, and A$AP Mob. With the exception of A$AP Rocky, few of the denizens of this aesthetic universe have managed to transcend their status as "Internet music."

Denzel Curry—along with his Raider Klan cohort Yung Simmie—seems the most likely since Rocky to transcend the online stew of Memphis revivalists and Tumblr enthusiasts. His most recent project, Nostalgia 64, may have already done just that. While Raider Klan, in particular, gained a reputation for Memphis revivalism, Curry's recent work shows both originality and an increasing focus on honing his talents. His best work has both an aggressive physicality and an increasingly dexterous narrative flair. And although his rise is in its nascent paces, it's clear that he's moving past the phase of reciting clichés that consumes his competition. —David Drake

If You Don't Believe Us Listen To: "Parents"