Producer: DJ Spinna
Album: Heavy Beats Vol. 1

There are probably a few better examples of Em's perfectly articulated blend of self-flagellating humor, brutal cartoon sociopathy, and no-holds-barred punchline rapping. But definitely none so underrated. Em cuts off his own arm because he's denied a renewal of his Darvocet prescription (the FDA ended up banning this drug in 2010 because it caused heart problems!) It's line after line of absurdity (he'll strip you naked and pistol whip you in order to force you to...take advice) and lurid shock humor. Em's character in the song is completely disgusting, "piss and vomit red," hearing voices in his head and abusing prescriptions. It's the when-cornered-act-crazy defense, delivered with such economy and precision that not a word is wasted. Em has bugs crawling out of his head and eats knives, an over-the-top cavalcade of memorable punchlines that make him seem like the kind of person you probably don't want to ever stand within ten feet of—nevermind fuck with. —David Drake