Producer: Bass Brothers, Eminem
Album: The Slim Shady EP

Ever think it odd that there's a song called "'97 Bonnie and Clyde" on The Slim Shady LP, even though the album came out 1999? Well, it's because the original version of the song actually appeared on the The Slim Shady EP—the record that got Em buzzing in the underground and eventually signed to Dr. Dre. But the song was first released under a different name, "Just The Two of Us." Not that the original version of "'97 Bonnie & Clyde" is all that much different from "Just the Two of Us." In fact, the lyrics are all basically the same. The real difference is the beat. If you've been listening to the remake for the last 10 years it might be hard to accept that the song had a previous version. However, if you heard the original and then heard the remake, it might've been hard to accept the newer one. Either way, just know that this song previously had a different beat and fewer sound effects. Listen to both, then decide which one you like better. —Insanul Ahmed