With 42.5 million albums sold domestically, Eminem is one of the top-selling musical artists of all-time. He is the single best-selling artist of the 21st century. Add that up with all his Grammys, VMAs, and of course his Oscar Award to see just how successful he is. Yet, for all his achievements, despite all the commercial appeal and critical acclaim, all the platinum plaques and magazine covers, despite the fact that so many people can recite so many of his lyrics by heart ("His palms are sweaty..."), Eminem still has underrated songs.

Some of these songs, these little-known gems, were released before he blew up and never discovered by the masses. Some came out and were just overlooked, and then forgotten about for one reason or another. Some were never given an official release, tucked away on a bonus disc or a mixtape or a foreign release, lost in the shuffle of his prolific output. And others, even songs that have been heard by millions, they just aren't nearly appreciated enough. All deserve a second listen. 

Check out these 15 Underrated Eminem Songs that every fan should get more familiar with and every Stan will swear they already know all the words to.

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