"Wave" might be one of the better words used to describe music as of late. What images come to your head when you think of a word like "Trillwave?" We imagine the sounds found on Trillwave's Trapgodz, Vol. III will perfectly match whatever pictures your brain came up with. This crew reps Chicago, but they aren't some Flosstradamus knock-offs. Over the last year, they've gone from relative unknowns murdering a SXSW stage to performing everywhere from Webster Hall in New York to Atlanta's MJQ, and through their Trapgodz series, they have made quite a name for themselves.

Today, DAD has the Trapgodz, Vol. III release on deck, and it's a scorcher. This is one of those releases where there's an obvious vibe or mood throughout, and even when the crew dips into electro house or full-on trap, they make sure to have everything flowing the same way thematically. That's not necessarily easy for other producers to do, but Trillwave has no issues riding those waves. Standouts like "Feels So Right" might be a bit more turned down that the in-your-face "Digital Dog Food," but the Trillwave stamp sits throughout. This is one journey you're going to want to say you've been on.