Jody "Fingers" Finch - Jack Your Big Booty (BHQ No Acid Vocal)
Frankie Kuckles - Baby Wants To Ride
Mark Imperial - Dissin All Hoes (46th Street Dub)
MD III - The Pressure Cooker (M.D.'s Klub Mixx)
Candy J - Why Are You Wasting My Time (Club Mix)
Mark Imperial - J'adore Danser (Club Mix)
Adonis - No Way Back
Armando - Morse Code
Gant-Man - Juke Dat Girl From Tha Back
Paul Johnson - Construction Work
Jammin Gerald - Pass It To The Homie
Waxmaster - Footwerk 97
Houz Mon - Fear The Worlddd
Eric Martin - If You Ride N My Truck (FTP Up 96 Mix)
DJ Deeon - 3 Fine Hoez
DJ D-Man & Billy Boy - Dooky Boody (D-Man Club Version)
DJ Puff - Bang The Box
Jammin Gerald - Hold Up
Greedy J & Sleepy J - Nation Hoe
DJ Milton - JR Funeral
Dj Puncho - Let me C U Juke
Parris Mitchell - Muthafuckin Dog
Dj Clent - Back Seat Hoe
Green Velvet - Shake & Pop (Gant-Man's Juke Remix)
Traxman - Get Down Lil Mama
Dj Funk - Bounce Dat Ass
RP Boo - Speakers R-4 (Sounds)