As you may or may not know, I am loyal to a fault to OWSLA. They have never let me down, not ever. I guess this is sort of a "duh" moment for all of you; obviously everything Skrillex touches turns to gold. He was graced with some magical powers when it comes to music, and the inception of this label has allowed so many listeners to enjoy the sounds that make him Skrillex, and us avid followers.

One of the newest signed to OWSLA are Teddy Killerz. Their second release, Teddy Massacre, varies in style, from French house-influenced "Cult" to neuro-hop (whatever the fuck that means) bangers like the title track. The utterly ridiculous "Teddy Massacre" will have children running from the ice cream man if played in an open arena. "Pandora" is their favorite and the last track they did. It is proof positive of the fruits of labor, with many updates to produce the funk-influenced melodies heard in the track. It is most like "Ice Drink," the first track they made as Teddy Killerz, which has also been heavily edited since the original was made.

Look at the cover. It is so super weird, and scary. The music on the EP is not... not entirely. In its entirety it does one thing for sure: exemplifies the trio's philosophy of showing EDM they like and want to make. It is eclectic and totally A.D.D., but that is something I can completely get down with. As a basshead at heart, "Awkward" is my favorite track, but it is only available as one of the NEST Exclusives (which you can hear on SoundCloud). There is no way I can even express in words how different the sound is of these guys; just a mosaic of every electronic genre rolled into one, also paying deep homage to all that came before then. I even heard the crackle of a record for a few seconds.

I appreciate these guys for that. I love that they sort of say "fuck off" to genres without even acknowledging its existence, just playing whatever they want to play. They are bold and unafraid, with resolve. I do sort of wish it wasn't resolve to slaughter teddy bears violently, but they do some freaky shit in Eastern Europe and Russia.

Honestly, I really love that Teddy Killers give me the creeps like the movie It. It is because even if it is fear, I can appreciate their ability to penetrate the depths of your soul. I'll take that any day over some shit commercial product. No matter how scared of clowns I still am to this day, I will watch that movie and get scared every time, like it is the first.

I wish i had words to explain, but this EP is massive, it is bigger than words. Ambient sounds, jazz and funk, even electro, completely unexpected from a group whose name has me imagining sharp, jagged teeth ripping off the heads of stuffed animals. There is definitely no shortage of shit to bang your head to, or neuro-hop, as they say.

I had this bear when I was younger, and his name was Teddy. When I was two, I needed emergency surgery and was really scared, so the surgeons put Teddy under the knife to show I was going to be okay. He went everywhere with me until I was 13, when he fell from a car and I lost him forever. I really wish I would have buried an item of his in the pet sematary or something cause recently the movie Ted, and this EP, really makes me wish Teddy was still around. Teddy Killerz reminds of his tattered frame, tiny neck I'd ring my tiny fingers around, and the imprint in his forehead form my two little lips. If that felt weird and creeped you out, good; that's just what this EP will do to you.