We're betting you think you've got a pretty keen ear.  Doesn't everyone in this industry these days?  Everyone at least thinks they do anyways.  The EDM interwebs are like Hollywood; every waiter/waitress, busboy thinks they're the next Brad Pitt or Jennifer Laurence.  In reality there is a slew of talentless crap people who are trying to pass off their output as art, and because of the extensive, infinite medium that is digital space, essentially the Internet, they are often somewhat successful. Sadly, it slights the true talents in this industry, devaluing the important shit, muddling the high art, losing the exceptions in a world where everyone thinks they're playing by the same rules.

Anyone who is an exception knows that you can only break the ground of this system by first learning the rules and functioning within them, and then meticulously infiltrate this impenetrable world of norms that has defined us all for way too long.  We get it and proud to admit it.  We can see these revolutionaries coming up or in this specific case, the veterans that are out to reclaim their former glory.  While the masses are sleeping soundly, dreaming of the next big thing they think they've found, we're wide awake on the grind.  We see you, Soulwax.  We know you've been relatively silent going on six years now and are WAY overdue for a comeback.  We see what you did there with your slowed down 20-year-old home country gabber music, and a video that seems like some satirical rip on how dance music used to look. Takes a troll to spot a troll. And since we fux with characters like Dillon Francis, see his antics for the social commentary that they are, understand the genius so deeply hidden right in plain view, purposefully overshadowed by silliness and mass appeal. We get it.

Do you, though?  You think you've got a keen ear as well?  Give this Soulwax mixtape a deep listen, pay attention to the tempo, really feel it.  Feel it in your soul (no cliche).  And watch the video.  Don't just look at it, see it for what it is. It takes more than a keen ear to understand what all is really going on here, but trying is definitely a worthwhile start.  Once every inch of your being is tapped into what is really happening, then maybe you'll get it too.  And then maybe you can fux with us.  At least you'll fux with this Soulwax mixtape.   These dudes are legends and are extremely influential to more than a handful of your favorite EDM artists of today.  Maybe by then you'll realize the genius in rooting new sounds in the 20-year-old gabber that defined a genre and a part of the world, paying tribute to current hardstyle trends and slowing this shit down so anyone can understand it if they care to try.  Maybe you'll get it too.  But by then, we'll probably be on some other shit.