DJ, producer, and Hotflush general, Paul Rose (aka the artist you should definitely know as Scuba), has announced a new single from his SCB alias, "Rope" / "Technique," which will be released on Hotflush on November 11.  The two cuts are very moody and dark pieces of techno that are truly outstanding in their sound design and production techniques.  Are they that revolutionary on the creative tip though?  That's entirely debatable, and the previews of the tunes are honestly less than inspiring.  In addition to the announcement of the single though, Hotflush has also provided the news that there's an LP coming December 2 from Scuba, titled Update.  The album is supposedly serving as a retrospective for Rose's well-known Scuba alias. No word on if there will be any exclusive material on Update, but it will be a 12-track album compiling material from the three Scuba albums as well as some selected singles. For now, here's the preview for the upcoming SCB release dropping next week.

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