Earlier this week Wu-Tang Clan brethren RZA and Raekwon found themselves at odds about a future group album. In an interview with Grantland RZA stated that while other members were already at work on A Better Tomorrow, Raekwon had yet to submit any verses for the project. After reading the interview Rae responded "I just read that RZA article? Shit is funny to me" on Twitter.

RZA appeared on The Arsenio Hall Show last night and reaffirmed his words from the interview. "In the article I was like, 'Yo Raekwon, my brother, we need you. Come on up here, drop your verses and let's make this one final album for the fans.'" He continued, "I know Raekwon's going to be there. He know I love him, and we got nothing but brotherly love for each other. But, put some of the business to the side and let's go make this music."

[via Arsenio]

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