Do you get enough sleep at night? Seriously, between raving, studying, working, video games, and of course the ever-present Internets, do you get enough sleep? DAD tries to stay up on what's going on with these EDM Internets, and even we have to make sure we get some shut eye. No matter how much you stay awake, know that you won't be able to outrun two entities: touring EDM DJs and the Internets. Last night, a Reddit user going by the name "nopenoone" kept these Internets buzzing with her entries to the massive "Former groupies of Reddit" thread, and her posts are as intriguing as they are gossip-y.

We don't have a real name for "nopenoone," but we do know some details about her: she "used to be an assistant TM for quite a few big-name EDM acts and was in regular rotation for artist handling for a handful of large festivals." She's also five feet tall and about 100lbs, and aside from handling many aspects for these acts, she apparently spent time corralling groupies for these DJs to get to know backstage. She was nice enough to indulge the Reddit nation with questions about the various DJs she's interacted with, and ended up dishing out all kinds of bits about their backstage lives. We'll let you run through her posts and figure out what's what, but if these stories are true, a lot of DJs will be waking up to some interesting conversations.

Now DAD doesn't want to say that all of these stories hold water; this is the word of an anonymous user on Reddit, and without being able to corroborate their story, it's hard to give this the "these stories are 100% true" treatment. That said, we cannot deny that many of these stories sound similar to rumors we've heard about these artists before. In any case, it's a slow Sunday; you've got nothing else to do (until football's on, at least). Sift through these.

Shouts to DAD reader @cracksauce for the tip.

UPDATE "nopenoone" has come clean and released the following statement: "Alright. I confess. I actually never handled any of these people; at the most I have just been to a lot of shows. I stole all these stories from various EDM message boards. Some of it I just made up (like Dada Life. I had to look them up). You can disregard what I have said unless it was confirmed by other people. 

This was just meant to be a way to pass my Saturday night, I never imagined it would get so out of hand. I'm very sorry."

Sometimes when things are too good to be true...