Favorite Song: "My favorite song I would probably have to say is 'Brain Damage' off The Slim Shady LP. I would play that song the most off that album. The story telling, him talking about being bullied in junior high school, and getting revenge on the bully at the end. It was just a crazy story and that whole album was like never before heard hip-hop or lyricism. That was one of the records that just stuck with me when I first heard it."

Favorite Album: "I know most people's favorite album is The Marshall Mathers LP, but I think mine is The Slim Shady LP. It just got heavy rotation in my crib when it first came out. It influenced the way I rapped back then. It was him in his rawest form before he got super commercial."

Favorite Moment: "His freestyle he did a while ago on the Wake Up Show. It was him, it might have been Evidence, and two more other rappers. Almost all of his freestyles are incredible, but that was one that I still have saved on my desktop on my computer."