Remember Punk'd? Tyler, the Creator and Miley Cyrus are the feeling one gets when Ashton Kutcher ran out. There was a point when Tyler was shocking, when he was screaming "KILL PEOPLE BURN SHIT FUCK SCHOOL" and no one could find Earl or their parents and it was genuinely terrifying. Then there was that "throw a unicorn or a kitty cat on things and it's weird so it's art" phase. But now that he's making million-dollar bets with Will.I.Am about artistic integrity, it's back to being interesting.

Somewhere along the way, he befriended Miley, who has grown up into a person her age. Disney made her out to be this stand-up citizen; now she's a bent-over twerker/tweaker. This has led to a lot of faux outrage: She smoked drugs—in Amsterdam! She dances provocatively! She has beef with Sinead O'Connor! She'll be fine. Relax. It's just for attention.