"Walk around the club, fuck everybody." That's a Lil Wayne line, one of many that could apply to Rihanna, a walking middle finger if there ever was one. Lil Wayne broke a lot of the supposed rules: he double-cupped his way through a few years, he caught a gun charge, he called himself the "best rapper alive."

Those years all seem quaint, now, when Rihanna is taking his influence to the next level. She throws shade like Wayne makes bad fashion choices: easily and often. It's a long trail of victims: Chris Brown, Drake, Teyana Taylor, Ciara, Amanda Bynes, MTV, Karrueche Tran, everyone on the #RihannaPlane, various and random commenters, Drake again. Everyone urged Lil Wayne to clean himself up: after he did, he got boring. We'll see what happens to Rihanna, if she ever does the same.