Back in 2009, a young K-Dot released a song called "Beyonce," where he—an unknown Compton kid—attempts to steal Mrs. Carter's hand from Jay Z...through wacky, convoluted hijinks. (Example: He'd have Affion Crockett call her and, in Hov's voice, read lines about how he'd thrown his wedding ring away. It's not a particularly good song.)

Four years later, Kendrick is not some anonymous kid anymore; he is (or was?) GQ's Man of the Year. Like Beyonce, he didn't put out an album this year, but through savvy, talent, and stunts, he dominated the conversation. Where she's got the #BeyHive forcefield protecting her, he too has somehow become bulletproof of criticism. It's clear that King Bey wears the crown in R&B in 2013. She should expect Kendrick to join her on the throne.