Won't someone please think of the children?! Chief Keef is running around, hating being sober, speaking without vowels and hanging out in Gucci Mane's driveway. He's in and out of jail, giving label reps nightmares and putting pre-teens into hysterics. Justin Bieber—once a darling of mothers everywhere—has been rolling around with a bevy of Brazilian prostitutes and getting blazed in a haze of bad publicity (but hey, at least he's putting out some great music). He pissed in a mop bucket! Ugh. Mothers don't know what to do with him anymore, except sleep with him! Unbelievable. Won't someone control this kid? He's this generation's Miley Cyrus! And just look at what happened to her. Tsk tsk. Lord knows what will happen if these two ever run into each other and the world collapses in on itself.