I often take my 15 years in this industry for granted. I automatically expect the younger generation to operate at a professional level, and get a reminder every once in a while that there is a wealth of knowledge that should be shared. I've pissed off countless people, done way too many things wrong, and have become a better writer, artist, and person in the process.

It's the Internet, age though. Kids torrent every program they need and get YouTube tutorials on everything that they could possibly want. The only thing that's missing is the education on where we all came from, and guidance from the elders on the proper process to achieving success in this game. And when I got a message from an old friend with a great idea, I jumped on it.

My good buddy Dan Fisher is a legend in Philly. As Love City DJs, he's one of a small handful of musicians that's been around for years and is still around to talk about it. His drive to find and play records that nobody else has is as strong as mine... and I have a sickness. When he reached out with no other motive than to educate the next generation on proper terminology, I had to smile.

Proper tagging of files is so incredibly important to consistency in this music game. You can feel free to use wonky lettering if your music is completely original and title it what you want to, but if you're reaching out to websites with improperly tagged tunes, we're posting things incorrectly and doing a disservice to those you're remixing. Love City DJs is here to break down the specs on proper tagging.