Yesterday, the NuHo Online Film Festival was supposed to premiere ODB Dirty: Platinum Edition, the long-awaited documentary on the life of Ol' Dirty Bastard. The screening was taking place on the birthday of the Wu-Tang Clan member. However, just minutes before the video was to be played, NuHo managing partner Chris Kanik announced that the screening could not take place due to a cease-and-desist order courtesy of ODB's estate.

While those who attended the event were not able to see the film itself, they did get the opportunity to see RZA, who made an appearance at the event via Skype to talk about the upcoming Wu-Tang album (and he reiterated the fact that he is waiting on Raekwon to get in the studio). RZA also spoke about copyright law in the wake of the film's cease-and-desist order. Meanwhile, Poppa Wu and Cappadonna were in attendance, as were some members of ODB's family, and they all told anecdotes about ODB's life.

[via Rolling Stone]

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