Any serious discussion about underrated dance music producers absolutely must have Morgan Page's name come up at some point. The man has released six quality albums, received two Grammy nominations, and even has his live show in 3D, a first for EDM. Even with all those accolades, he still seems to fly under the radar quite a bit in headlines and festival line ups.

This latest single from him, a collaboration with vocalist Michael S., is a fairly stereotypical vocal progressive house track that quite frankly comes off as rather bland. It is definitely not representative of his full capabilities as a dance music producer but it does illustrate that he can do bland progressive house just as good if not better than artists many times more popular than he is. That may seem like a back-handed compliment (and it is), but he really is capable of producing some incredible stuff as evidenced by his past releases that weren't engineered for 90 seconds of glory on a festival stage. Definitely would not mind getting glimpses into that side of Page's ability more often.