Back in May, BitTorrent debuted their BitTorrent Bundles series with a special Kaskade pack, and now they are back in the electronic realm with Moby, who has gone ahead and given away the stems for his latest album, Innocents, as a BitTorrent Bundle, allowing remixers to have their way with his latest album, free of legal concern. In a recent interview with Mashable, Moby says that he spoke with BitTorrent about people who might be selling remixes of they made via Moby stems, and he gave this interesting answer: "my response was that they could take their friends out to dinner or give money to their favorite charity. Even if I make the stems, if they made the effort to make the remix, they should be the ones to profit from it." The interview actually touches on a lot, from his views on music today to the way dance music culture has changed in the last 40 years.