KRADDY is a producer living in Venice, California that has a knack for creating pop sounds with underground undertones.  We know him as the founding member of Glitch Mob, and the dubstep vibes in all of his solo records make complete sense if you know your history.  And though Glitch Mob has all but put a clamp on their releases, their individual parts are shining.

Taking the most unsuspecting vocal ever, he creates a luvstep ballad worthy of any late night drive home.  It's a heartwarming rendition of an already solid pop record, and puts a new level of emotion into a track that music enthusiasts might write off because, well, it's Miley Cyrus.  It's also available for free download.

And just as a heads up, Kraddy reloaded his classic release, The Illegal Album, last week.  It was created in 2007, and holds some bangers.