I actually met Yarin Lidor in the most random way possible.  Leaving Electric Zoo after only a couple hours because of lousy access, I ended up back in Brooklyn to meet friends for dinner early on a Friday evening.  A buddy of mine was promoting a show at 285 Kent, and invited me out to the show.  Yarin Lidor was playing a set with Falcons, Cabo Blanco, and No Sir E.  Knowing that seeing an underground bass legend from Tel Aviv play live wasn't to be missed, I headed over to the venue to see what was happening.  Every DJ absolutely blew my mind with their record selection that evening.

And just as quickly as I forgot the magical night that only happened because of a grown man hissyfit at a festival, Lidor hits me with an email to check out a record.  And it's absolutely beautiful.  Using a Miguel tune and adding rap vocals from Cleveland's Atari Jones, he creates a soothing trap tune with a sampled R&B hook.  The imperfect pitch work is purposeful, and creates a unique dynamic.  This one requires a Facebook like for download, and I think that's more than fair payment for such a wonderful record.