Main Course has steadily been bringing the fire in 2013 and out today is a proper first collection of their Snacks weekly free download series aptly titled, Snacks: The Compilation Vol. 1.  This crew is thick and to say their focus is on versatility and dancefloor annihilation is a bit of understatement.  They also constantly integrate some of the most exciting and talented artists in various genres of the dance music underground, all while finding a way to curate a certain consistent and incredibly impressive overall label vibe.  No easy task in today's EDM marketplace as most labels are either all about one sound or direction...or they just completely open up the floodgates for a little bit of anything and everything.

As mentioned, these 10 tunes were all originally available as single free downloads.  And to now package them as a compilation that's still available for free download and to also sell the set via traditional retail outlets like iTunes is a bit of a headscratcher to a lot of folks, including myself.  But they aren't the first label to implement this technique and probably aren't going to be the last.  Either way, it's super easy to snag and the option is there now to show some monetary support to the label and this impressive list of talented artists and producers.

Label heads, Astronomar & Bot are of course featured on here.  Their collaboration "Ghettobox" bangs with all the right elements of weirdo amped-up house, Baltimore club music, and some hints of ghettotech.  Bot's solo tune "Barefoot" is also an easy highlight with it's absolute rinsing of a flute sample chopped up and laced all over a clubby house stomper.  Wuki's "Same Down Sound" plays off minimal classic electro (think Egyptian Lover, not Porter Robinson) elements combined with a drop that sounds like it belongs on the most psychedelic Nintendo game soundtrack ever.  Other tunes that immediately jump out come from Major Lazer collaborator FS Green, who's "Goolie Goolie" is a tripped out 100BPM gem, and Douster's "To The Bone" which flips LNR's house classic "Work It To The Bone" into the acid house stratosphere.

This compilation is truly a great introduction to Main Course, if this is officially your MC cherry popping.  It's also a sinister snapshot of how 'on point' they've been dropping tunes that are getting love from so many of your favorite DJs as well.  Just keep tabs on some Diplo & Friends BBC Radio 1 playlists to see how much support this camp is really getting.  If you even sniff future club oriented sounds that slay soundsystems and dancefloors while adding in that all important 'let's get weird' factor, Main Course needs to be on your radar.  Have some Snacks at least while your at it to see what it could potentially do to your appetite.

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