Soulection is on the tip of every hipster's tongue and for good reason. The SoCal label, podcast, blog, event promoter, and, well, lifestyle brand has already made an indelible mark on the landscape of contemporary music. With a devout following of fans, Soulection has enjoyed a remarkable success in 2013. They've assembled quite a stable of other talented producers, featuring Hawaii's Mr. Carmack, Australia's Ta-ku, Seattle's Sango... Soulection knows how to pick 'em is the point.

To kick off their new SoundCloud only white label series, the Soulection crew tabbed Virginia's Lakim. The welcomed smoked out, heady vibes of "Rent4" kicks off the three-track EP. The jazzy pianos and chimes coat a heavy percussive beat and it makes for a sweet opener. "Crushin' On You" samples the famous Biggie and R.Kelly collab "Fucking You Tonight." Again, Lakim sugar coats it with some sweet vocal work, but this time works it into a hybrid Jersey club/trap frenzy. Final track "Make Time For You" is a shufflin' undwerwater number with twinkling melodies and skipping beats. A no doubt enjoyable pack of tunes, the Soulection white label series is off to a great start.