Krondon and Casey Veggies have released a new song called "KFC." The two California natives trade rhymes about their pleasures, focusing particularly on their love for good weed, women, and money. Veggies delivers the hook over the uptempo instrumental from 321, perfect to get the party started. For those wondering about the title, Krondon said, "The song is about Chicks or Chickens depending on the attitude."

"KFC" appears on the deluxe edition of Krondon's latest release, Everything's Nothing. The project, which came out for free earlier this year, has a murky, ambient sound that is consistent from start to finish. The deluxe edition contains bonus songs such as "KFC" and "Breathe," that are hard-hitting and less spacey in terms of sound and flow. It will be rereleased November 19.

[via Frank 151]

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