The Yeezus tour is back, and Kanye West wants to know if he can "talk his shit again."

Last night, Kanye performed in Boston's TD Garden. Midway through his set, as he was getting ready to perform "Runaway," he paused to deliver a few thoughts to the audience. Kanye said:

"They get their panties in such a bunch. Why are people so irritated by the motherfucking truth? In a world of lies, the truth can feel so wrong, huh? So I want to ask you one little question tonight. Now, you know, it always seems like I'm complaining about some shit. It's like, what do you have to do to prove that you're creative? Do you have to scream it at the top of your motherfucking lungs? If you do the Glow In The Dark tour, and then you do the Watch The Throne tour, and then you do the Yeezus tour... I just want to ask you one little small question tonight. And that is: Can I talk my shit again?! Because I love it. I love to talk shit."

From there, Kanye started to reiterate his growing frustration of being pigeonholed as an artist, and explaining how things have come full circle in his career. After being told in high school that he would never become the superstar that he is today, Kanye said, "It feels like I'm in high school again." He also gave the crowd an update on his mentality: "I don't think about what's the worst that could happen; I think about what's the first that could happen."

The Yeezus tour now heads to New York City, where Kanye will be performing four nights in the next week. The first show will be tomorrow night at the Barclays Center. Prior to that, he will be debuting the video for "Bound 2" on The Ellen Show.

[via RealTalkNY]

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