Kanye West had his second of two performances at the Barclays Center last night, and this time, he decided to voice his opinion about the MTV Video Music Awards. According to Kanye, he was outraged that Bruno Mars won "all the awards." Mars won the awards for Best Choreography and Best Male Video, the former for "Treasure" and the latter for "Locked Out Of Heaven." According to Kanye, these awards were given to Mars in order for the networks to sell the most product using "the prettiest motherfucker out."

Kanye attacked Media Takeout and those who comment on the site (which he apparently looks at beyond the 10th comment). He took issue to those who call the Yeezus tour "the best rap concert," insisting it's the best show across any genre of music.

He also recounted a conversation he had with Oprah recently. She apparently told him, "They're scared of you, Ye." Kanye's response? "I said, 'Oprah, it's a new day."

[via Real Talk NY]

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