Date: May 2013

RiFF RAFF is no stranger to the small screen. Our introduction to the eccentric rapper came via a spot on MTV's chivalry competition From Gs To Gents, but it was a cameo on the soap opera One Life To Live that solidified him as much more of a calculating art-freak than we had ever known. Guesting as a character named Jamie Franko, RiFF RAFF reinvented the diss song wheel, going on the show as a shot at the actor James Franco, right after the release of Spring Breakers.

Franco citing Dangeeruss, another white rapper, as the main inspiration for his character Alien ticked off RiFF RAFF, so he pulled from Franco's bag of tricks—Franco's recurring role on General Hospital—and one-upped him. It's a true wonder of hyper-meta weirdness...which is why we gave him his own show! Complex TV's original series "RiFF RAFF REAL" will premiere this Thursday. —Claire Lobenfeld